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Renowned research institutes from Germany & Australia first invented & successfully experimented the solar collectors with evacuated tube technology.

This technology was commercially implemented by some Chinese companies & numbers of systems have been installed all over the country which is working very successfully since last 15 years.

Now in China, millions of ETC are being installed, Many of them even in villages for low-income group users. Now the technology is widely accepted all over the world, many systems are working successfully through out the world even in developed countries like USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain etc.

Though the technology seems to be new for our country, it is a well-proven & highly reliable product. That's why Government of India (MNES) have approved the product ETC & decided to promote its use through out our country.

The evacuated tubes are made from specially developed thick borosilicate glass which can very well resist the hail stoning even up to 1" size .So after installation the chances of tube breakage are almost nil. Only precaution required is not to feed cold water in the empty system during afternoon sun shine hours. The temperature inside dry vacuum tubes may go even up to 2500C during hot sunshine. If the cold water enters in such a condition there is a possibility of cracking of tubes due to thermal shock. So it is very necessary to fill the tank with cold water before 9 a.m. in the morning.

In case of rare accidental breakage of glass tubes it is very easy to replace the single tube, which can be made available by our dealer at cost. So there is absolutely no need to worry about the glass tube breakage. However it is recommended to insure the system to take care of natural calamities.

The various advantages by using ETC can be summarized as follows:
  • Sunrays remains always perpendicular to cylindrical absorber surface of evacuated tubes, So it can absorbs more energy compared to flat plat absorber. This results in higher efficiency of ETC than FPS.
  • Even in smaller capacity range, many models are designed just by varying numbers of evacuated tubes. Hence wide ranges are available to select the exact system to match the individual requirement. Due to this feature, the system has become more economical & cost effective.
  • The Flat plate collector uses costly metals like copper & Aluminum. On the contrary the ETC collector requires only glass tubes. This is made possible due to technological advancement, which has resulted in substantial cost saving.
  • Due to the non-mixing design of system & plumbing the hot water temperature from first to last bucket remains almost same. On the other hand, as we draw hot water from FP. Collector system, the temperature goes on reducing due to mixing hot & cold water inside the tank.

The present range of ETC is mainly designed to fulfill the need of Indian families. There are various aspects like No. of persons in the family, using points, length of pipeline from system to using point etc, which defines the system capacity.

Various models are available as per water quality. For more information you can visit our customer care section pre-purchase info on the same website. Please note that, our experienced dealers are trained to define your requirement, just contact to your nearest Ecoshine solar dealer, who will accurately identify your requirement.

The ETC are designed in such way that hot water with sufficient temperature to take the bath will be available for maximum number of days through out the year.

However the system can deliver the hot water at the temperature varying from 45oC. - 75oC depending on season and availability of sunshine. Right from first to last bucket, available hot water temperature remains almost same due to non-mixing design of system & plumbing.

Yes, our Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) based model is best designed to suit any type of water. Unique feature of is its special lined hot water tank which prevents from the scale deposition on inner side of tank, as well, in case of ETC water heating takes place in glass tubes; hence there is no bonding of scales possible on smooth surface of glass tube.

However, there can be some settlement of salt & dirt particles at the bottom of vacuum tube. There is a possibility of some stains or particle deposition on inner wall of evacuated Tube due to inferior water quality, which can be easily removed at the time of servicing.

Generally the water supplied through local municipal authorities is always of good quality. This is well treated, filtered & having hardness below 50 PPM. If such water is used through ETC, the maintenance and servicing required will be almost negligible.

When the water hardness is higher or when the suspended dirt & impurities are present in the water, there is a possibility of stains dirt accumulation in side the vacuum tube. This can be easily removed by removing the evacuated tube and cleaning them properly. These services can be made available from trained solar plumbers through our dealers with reasonable charges. During the warrantee period such services will be provided once in year free of charge.

However for achieving consistent performance & better life of ETC it is recommended to do servicing of whole system once in year, which includes cleaning of vacuum tubes & hot water tank.

The rubber parts like seal, grommets etc. may require replacement while servicing. This will be made available to you through our dealers at reasonable cost.

The evacuated tubes are designed & manufactured in such way that the expected life of the tubes will be minimum 15 years. How ever tubes are warranted for five years period for any manufacturing defects & improper performance.

Looking into the experience of many systems already installed in foreign countries like China, the estimated life of system is about 10-17 years. With good water quality & proper precautions similar life can be easily achievable in Indian conditions also.